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Bauer Benefits

Since 1986 Bauer Benefits has worked with small and large companies with a focus on client service and satisfaction. Driven by a true entrepreneurial spirit; Bauer Benefits is committed to aligning our clients with the most cost effective "Benefits Solutions" available in today's marketplace. We all know that a successful company is driven by strong, motivated and caring employees. When it comes to attracting and maintaining dedicated employees; a comprehensive benefit program is necessary for a growth oriented business.

"Risk Management" has become the most critical element in a company's benefit program and is the required foundation for long term stability. Every decision that incorporates and forms the development and construction of a company's benefit plan is dictated by our simple philosophy: "What's best for the client".

Bauer Benefits has been providing Group Insurance Solutions to employers in the Kitchener Waterloo and surrounding area since 1986.

The "True Entrepreneurial Spirit" embraces change.

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About Bauer Benefits

Bauer Benefits works with organizations with a focus on quality and client satisfaction. We are driven by genuine entrepreneurial spirit thereby delivering our clients high performance yet cost effective solutions. Specializing in employee benefits, risk management, retirement savings & more, we align organizations on a growth curve.

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Manfred Conrad


“Our relationship with Ross dates back to 1993. Over the years we’ve enjoyed his courteous and friendly service. Even though we are a small company with respect to the number of employees, Ross provides us with a very high level of service.”


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Bob Strassburger


“We’ve been relying on the expertise of Ross Bauer for our Employee Benefits since 1993. Our employees are pleased with the speedy service and we appreciate the comfort of knowing that Ross is always looking out for our best interest.”


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Michael Ritchie


“Ross streamlined our Employee Benefits Program and saved us considerable money that repeats every year.  While improving on the service that we rely on to deliver benefits to our growing organization his work has made the administrative process easier for our HR staff.”


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Dedicated to Corporate Excellence

“You're known by the company you keep.”  It may seem simple; but ever since we focused our efforts on building associations with remarkable people our businesses have flourished.

The Strategic Partners, based out of Southern Ontario is a diverse group of dedicated professionals committed to corporate excellence.  The Strategic Partners meet regularly to discuss developments in various industries and work on how we can provide guidance and solutions to the challenges our clients face.

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