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Renaissance Executive Forums

Renaissance Executive Forums provides Peer Advisory Groups for Top Executives here in the KW-Cambridge-Guelph area. Our groups meet monthly to share our experiences, learn how to be more productive leaders, and grow our businesses. Our members come from a variety of Industries but share the common goal of being the best leaders they can be.

In our Top Executive Groups, we have the CEO, Owner, or President (the final decision maker) of companies with annual sales over $1M in annual revenues. These men and women are successful leaders who never stop learning, and desire a safe place for insights, feedback, and accountability that will help them reach their goals.

Our Key Executive Groups, building in the latter part of 2016, will bring the Second in Command into a separate group where we learn the same content as the Top Executives but with a focus on Leadership Training and Development, how to “Manage Up” well, and how to be prepared to take on more responsibility.

Each month, we spend time learning during the Educational Component, then spend the majority of our time diving deep into important issues and opportunities, in order to get tangible insights and tools we can put into practice today. Here is a list of topics our group will focus on this year.

We believe that most leaders know what to do but don’t always get it done. We also know you will never have enough time and money to do everything that you’re convinced you ought to do. Our groups allow you the bandwidth to refocus your efforts, learn from the experiences of other successful leaders like yourself, receive time-saving resources and ideas, and help you stay on target and reach your goals.

Learn more about our passion and processes at or contact me to determine if our groups are right for you. Call or email me for more information.

Dave Taylor
519.502.0605 (M)