Akira Health, leading the way with Virtual Healthcare


Akira Health is reimagining healthcare and bringing it directly to Canadians: using the Akira app, members can securely text and video chat with a primary care provider in French or English, whenever they need it. Akira’s clinical team is available in every province and territory to prescribe new and refill medication, to provide lab requisitions and specialist referrals, and to offer general medical advice.

Virtual care is growing at a remarkably fast pace in Canada. Employers are increasingly adding it to their extended benefits plan, giving employees the ability to be more proactive about their health by conveniently accessing medical care anytime and anywhere, saving time and reducing absenteeism.

In fact, over 50% of the primary care concerns for which patients would usually go to the doctor’s office can be addressed virtually, and 85% of Akira’s medical consults are resolved directly on the app without patients needing an in-person follow up.

Coupled with the fact that approximately 73% of Akira’s consults are initiated during the work day, this translates into curbed absences from work. Employees no longer need to take time out of their work day to travel to and from a clinic and wait for an appointment, increasing their exposure to diseases as they wait. They can consult with a clinician at a time that is convenient for them, whether it’s at home, at their desk, or in transit.

Akira is also available for employees’ spouses and dependent children (under 25 years old), so the whole family can stay healthy. Some of the top reasons for consults with Akira include cold & flu, skin issues, and mental health (including anxiety and depression), all of which can be resolved and treated virtually.

For more information on Akira and its services, please call Ross Bauer at 519-240-1290 or email at ross@bauerbenefits.com.